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Enter my Mind!

dont forget the buddy system

1 July 1977
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This is my journal, I update for the following reasons, To post quizes, to bitch about Megan, and serious life updates You have been warned.

God she is annoying.

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User Number: 1988797
Date Created:2004-01-24
Number of Posts: 190

Curben, Dark Cleric of the Ahn La'shak, Chaser of Chainmail Chattel, Sanctioned Assassin serving aboard the Seahawk flagship Ursula, Bristol Liason for the International Brotherhood of Rogues Scoundrels and Cads
Strengths: Flirting, Drinking, Capitalism
Weaknesses: Breasts, Cheesecake, Closing Gate
Special Skills: Resistance to Heat, Weapons Pricing, Lack of Shame
Weapons: Complete Arsenal - Preferences: Collapsable Throwing Glaive, Twin Ulaks, Wit, Roses, and in rare cases - Lipstick
Known Haunts: Bristol: FoF Garden, Ravensburg Chainmaile, House of Dra, Gryffyn Candle Co., Magikal Glassworks, Tarot Tree, Church Warden - Smaller Towns: Cotswold, Strongholde, Cambridge

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